They are not 'just a dog' - they are your partner!

I love capturing action, the instant before a bite, a jump, a run. But the best moment is when you see the connection & bond between K-9 and handler.

I've photographed everything from portraits of teams, bite-work, water-training (above and under) to airwing/helicopter and, S.W.A.T training. The best shots come from getting in on the action.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."   JOSH BILLINGS

"I love the clarity, intensity and passion for David's craft.
I have many Mass-Vest a Dog calendars and every photo shows David’s fearless determination to get the right frame, the right lighting and the right background.
Whatever your purpose or project David will do whatever it takes to capture the perfect shot ."

—Sila M.